• Turnover rent @ 10% Turnover – Base £20K Cap £35K (if purchasing F+F)
  • 3 years remaining on head lease
  • Fair Maintainable Turnover (FMT) of £420K

A charming village pub which features a single bar and trade kitchen to service a dining area and two more relaxed customer areas. Open log fires and wood burning stoves provide warmth and character in the winter months. A well appointed, secluded garden can be found to the rear of the property overlooking picturesque fields.

The ideal Business Partner/s should have a proven track record in delivering great home cooked food delivered with warm and friendly service. Being a village pub, the successful applicant will need to be able to integrate themselves into village life and become a hub of the community.

Domestic accommodation comprises of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 living room

The Coach and Horses Rotherwick is a ‘quality village local’ with character and charm in abundance. The pub has built a great reputation and serves the village and the wider area. The pub will have 3 years remaining on the head lease, and the rent is therefore offered with an attractive cap to the 10% turnover to give the applicant a great opportunity.

Top Line Figures

  • Rent: Turnover rent @ 10% Turnover (if purchasing F+F) – Base £20,000 Cap £35,000 or @ 12% Turnover – Base £20K Cap £40K (if not purchasing F+F)
  • Initial Investment: c.£14,000 (if not purchasing F+F)
  • Fair Maintainable Turnover*: £420,321

Full Investment Breakdown †

  • Deposit: £7,500
  • Training Fee: £750
  • Working Capital: c.£5,000
  • Fixtures and Fittings: c. £25,000 (Inventory is an estimate net of VAT. Loan facilities are available for the purchase of fixtures and fittings).

Additional Information

  • Estimated Wet/ Dry Split: 55 : 45
  • Business Rates: £7,322
  • Available From: 30/11/2018
  • Closing Date: 31/08/2018
  • Last 3 year Volume
  • Beer & Cider - Barrels
  • Wines - Litres
  • Spirits - Litres
  • Soft Drinks - Litres
  • Current Year
  • 180
  • 3410
  • 120
  • 2270
  • Last Year
  • 177
  • 3440
  • 110
  • 2250
  • 2 Years Previous
  • 171
  • 3150
  • 112
  • 2159

Asset 2

The pub enjoys a strong weekday lunch and evening trade as well as regulalry being fully booked across the weekend. The successful applicant will need to be able to intergrate themselves into the village and become a hub of the community.


* Fair Maintainable Trade (FMT) is the level of turnover and profit that we believe that the business is capable of delivering if being operated competently. The FMT is usually calculated by the Business Development Partner for the pub, who will produce a shadow profit and loss account for the business which supports the rent. A copy of the shadow profit and loss account will be provided during the recruitment process. Please see our Code of Practice for more information on FMT and rent. The Fair Maintainable Trade is not a guarantee of levels of trade or profit that will be made from the business – we strongly recommend you seek appropriate independent legal and business advice as part of your Business Plan.

† The Full Investment Breakdown for each public house is higher than the minimum investment we will accept because potential Business Partners with the minimum investment available can still be accepted as we are able to offer them financial support for the rest of the monies. The working capital incorporates the purchase of stock, glassware, loose catering effects and valuer fees – please note the number quoted on this website are based on estimates. The exact costs will be determined on the day you take on the public house by independent valuers and stock takers. Please see our Code of Practice for more information about investment.


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