Will it suit your personality?

To run a pub, you’ll need to be a very sociable person, and understand the importance of good customer service. You should also be passionate about what makes your pub great – whether that be the food offering, the events you host, or the atmosphere and warm hospitality that you provide. 

When you run a pub you’re providing a service – so while you may not always feel like it, you’ll need to continue being upbeat and friendly, or your guests won’t stay long, and they won’t return! Quite often, two or more people will run a pub together, with one person being the natural extrovert playing the host out front, and the other half of the dynamic duo preferring to run the show from the kitchen.


When you run a pub, there are different ownership options to consider. The main ones being freehold, leasehold, and tenancy. We cover the different ownership options in more detail here www.hall-woodhousepartnerships.co.uk/why-run-a-pub-for-a-brewery.. For those of you that are taking on your first pub, a pub tenancy is an excellent way to enter the trade, and many experienced operators still favour this option. Make sure you’re realistic about the amount of training and support you’re going to require to run a pub. 


Whether you’re new to the industry, or experienced, you’ll need to decide on the amount of training that you’ll require. With a H&W Business Partnership, you’ll get support on how to run your own pub. Every pub is assigned a Business Development Partner, and they’ll be on hand to offer guidance on running a pub. Hall & Woodhouse Business Partners have open communication groups to ask questions or share recommendations, and we host at least one annual event each year to facilitate networking.


You’ll need to recruit some great staff to help you run your pub. It can be difficult to find staff if your pub doesn’t come with an existing team, so make sure you advertise early. As a pub landlord, you’ll need to be prepared to cover any staff shortages and holidays – so you should make sure you really enjoy the role.

Location and Type of Pub

Choosing a pub that will fit with your personality and lifestyle will be key. You’ll thrive in an environment in which you feel comfortable, and you’ll need to be in a town and setting that you’re passionate about. 

Think about whether you’d prefer a traditional drinking pub, or if you’re keen to have space to run functions. If you’re keen to serve food, does the pub match with your proposed offering, or is there scope to improve it? 

If you’d like to have a chat with us about taking on one of our existing vacancies, get in touch with julie.barlow@hall-woodhouse.co.uk.

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