Understand your application process

To apply to rent a pub from us and become a Business Partner, simply complete our online application. We’re interested to know about your career experiences, your available investment, your business preferences and why you wish to partner with H&W on this venture. If you have any questions about completing the application, please call us on: 07971 161071 or email: apply@hall-woodhouse.co.uk

If you do not have a specific pub in mind, please apply as above and we will keep you in mind for any suitable vacancies and contact you once these become available.

Before you apply, please make sure that you have reviewed the ‘About H&W’ page and read through the ‘Pubs For Rent‘ property profiles if you have a pub in mind. It is important that you are completely aware of the amount of capital required to invest, as well as the commitment that will be required to run your own business.

Please be aware that the recruitment process is expected to take a minimum of 8 weeks. 

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll review the information provided and give you a call for an informal chat to discuss your business and location preferences. If you’re happy to proceed, one of our Business Development Partners (BDPs) will call you to discuss your application and with your permission, we’ll also run a credit check.



If you’d like to continue with your application to run a pub, the relevant Business Development Partner will arrange to meet with you at the pub site you’re applying for.

The BDP will explain what it means to be a Business Partner with H&W and will be keen to answer your questions and find out more about you.

After your first meeting, if your application for a specific pub is progressed, the Business Development Partner will send you a follow-up email with a Business Plan template, Fair Maintainable Turnover and Profit & Loss figures, a price list and a sample agreement.

We then ask that you complete a Business Plan which details your vision for the business as well as your forecast P&L and cash flow.

Once the Business Plan is submitted, the BDP will arrange a second meeting with you to talk it through and understand more about your Business Plan. If the Business Plan is agreed, you’ll progress to a final round.

The final round will be with our Head of Business Partnerships, and usually your BDP. You’ll be asked to complete and sign a Business Partner interview checklist to ensure you’ve been given all the relevant information required to make an informed decision about signing a Business Partnership agreement.

If your final interview is successful, you’ll receive an electronic offer letter from us which we ask that you sign electronically and return.

Once we’ve received your signed acceptance of the formal offer, we will send you an electronic copy of your Business Partnership Agreement and associated documents for signing.

Approximately two weeks before you take over your new pub business, you’ll meet with your BDP for a Pre-Change Meeting. Your BDP will make sure that you understand your agreement in detail, as well as the year one support package, training, and the Hello & Welcome document. The change date and details of the pub’s handover will be confirmed.

On this day you’ll start your new journey as a H&W Business Partner, and you’ll receive the keys to your pub and your new home. It will be a busy day, but your BDP and other professionals will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly.


“I have only been with Hall & Woodhouse fort a short period, but in that time I have found them to be efficient and most of all caring. The recruitment process, of Hall & Woodhouse, is smooth and I have been given maximum support. Unlike other companies whose priorities are to take as much money as they can from you and if you fail, so be it. This is and always has been a relatively difficult business to operate in and recent events have certainly not helped. Hall & Woodhouse’s values are that if you succeed, then they succeed, seems obvious but, in my experience, Hall & Woodhouse are the only company actively practicing them.

Hall & Woodhouse do not just pay lip service to operational and marketing support but actually take it as a priority.

I am extremely happy with the partnership that I have with Hall & Woodhouse and long may it continue.”

Paul Wheeler – BP at The George Inn, Mere

“I first enquired about running a pub with Hall & Woodhouse in January 2022, and from the very first contact I cannot speak highly enough of the interactions I have had, there have been some bumps in the road, but they were always around to offer support or a solution.

My first meeting was very informal, which certainly put my mind at rest, and the following meetings all followed a very relaxed tone, even my final sign off meeting with the Director.

There has always been someone to help and listen, and the support from the marketing guys has been great, especially as I built my own website.

My Business Development Partner has been aligned with me since our first meeting, and this gives me the comfort to know we can talk at any time, and that he “gets it”

As it’s my business, it’s great that I am able to stand  and fall by my decisions, for some this might not be what they want and they might seek the comfort of lots of corporate support, but for me Hall & Woodhouse have given me the opportunity that I genuinely relish and enjoy.

My advice to anyone thing about making the move would be to be very considerate of the work life balance, plenty of long days, but my business is 20 minutes from the beach and I get there at every opportunity. I also wake up every morning with not a chimney pot in sight!”

Richard Whitaker – BP at The Horns Inn, Colehill


“I have been a Business Partner with Hall & Woodhouse for nearly 13 years, taking on my first pub with them in February 2010. During this time, they have proved to be extremely professional, fair, understanding and certainly very supportive.”

Paul Solway – BP at The Halfway Inn, Norden 

We are coming up to our 3 year anniversary at the Hit or Miss in Penn Street, Buckinghamshire. We took the business from the previous owner who had been there 15 years and he had nothing but good things to say about Hall & Woodhouse and that was one of the reasons we were interested in the business. 

Although we have our own in house marketing we know H&W are there if help is needed. Training is available in all areas if and when required. If we have any issues with the property or equipment we know that when we report it it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

Peter Price-Stephens – BP at The Hit or Miss, Amersham 

Why run a pub with Hall & Woodhouse?

Want to know why you should run a pub with Hall & Woodhouse? Our current Business Partners have all the detail.

Hear from our Business Partners

What's the best thing about a pub tenancy with us? Don't just take our word for it, hear it direct from the amazing people running the pubs.

What's the support like?

We believe the support we provide to our Business Partners is vital. Hear what our Business Partners have to say about the services we offer.

Begin your journey to running a pub of your own

You will need to nominate a person to be the Designated Premises Supervisor at the pub. This person will need to have successfully completed the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders to Obtain a Personal Licence (APLH). This person will ideally be the person applying to become the Business Partner at the pub.

Who qualifies for a Personal Licence?

To qualify for a Personal Licence you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Not have forfeited a Personal Licence within 5 years
  • Not have been convicted of a relevant or foreign offence
  • Possess an accredited licensing qualification

You will need to complete Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT), this is an e-learning package provided by the British Institute of Inn Keeping (BII).  PEAT will help you to identify the main issues which need to be considered and investigated before signing a tenanted agreement.  It will help you to prepare for your interview and subsequent meetings and give you an understanding of the professional advice you should seek to enable you to make informed commercial decisions.

On successful completion of the PEAT training you will be awarded with a BIIAB Certificate. The average duration of PEAT online training is 90 minutes. The cost of PEAT training in England & Wales PEAT is £100+VAT and can be obtained directly through the BII.

The codes of practice for leased and tenanted pubs govern the business relationship between pub companies and pub tenants operating tied public houses. As a member of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the Independent Family Brewers of Britain (IFBB) Hall & Woodhouse adheres to the Voluntary Code of Practice.

We strongly advise that you review the Voluntary Code of Practice, along with our Hello & Welcome document to prepare you for what to expect when entering into a Business Partnership Agreement.

Choose the right pub for you

Our Business Partnerships pub rental estate consists of 109 pubs, categorized into 5 key market segments. These segments should help you in the application process to identify a pubs market type, trading style and guest profile so that you feel confident that you are applying for the right type of pub to rent and suit you and your business plan.


Broad Based Local

Traditional pubs servicing local communities, with friendly and relaxed atmospheres and plenty going on.

Town Pub

Chameleon in operation, turning from a food-led business catering for shoppers and workers at lunchtimes to a more energetic environment catering for younger locals in the evening.

Quality Village Local

Generally traditional pubs inside and out, but some with more of a contemporary twist on the inside. They service the needs of more upmarket small to medium sized villages with strong food and drink offers.

Great Pub Great Food

The epitome of everything traditional, serving quality food and drink to more upmarket rural communities with good old fashioned hospitality.

Gastro Pub

Casual and trendy eating establishments, straddling the line between bar and restaurant. Serving delicious food (increasingly French/European inspired dishes), attracting an upmarket audience of food and drink lovers.







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