The International Brewing Awards

The International Brewing Awards celebrate a long and successful history.  Started in 1888, they are often dubbed ‘ the Oscars of the brewing industry’ – and with good reason.

An Award is recognition by fellow professional brewers that a beer is an outstanding commercial example of its style. The Competitions were first run in 1888 – constantly developed to reflect the global market for beer.

The superb technical installation, including draught beers under gas, ensures integrity of product and dispensed to the Judges at the brewers’ recommended temperature. All Judges are currently practising brewers who consider beers within 9 broad categories and 34 classes.

Our Winning Beer

The Fursty Ferret (cask) struck bronze in the cask ale category (3.9%-4.3%). The category was judged by a panel of over 45 international judges at The National Brewery Centre, Burton upon Trent, which saw entries from across the globe.

The Fursty Ferret is a morishly malty, amber ale. Its dark crystal malt delivers a full-bodied biscuit taste, rounded off with a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma. The International Beer Awards are global awards selecting the very best in internationally recognised beer styles.

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