Recent trends in the casual dining industry show that people are dining out less but are spending more when they do. This emphasises guests’ value of experience and highlights opportunities for pubs to maximise sales on key dates. Here are a some of the ways our Business Partnerships pubs can make the most of Father’s Day:

Give Fathers’ a gift

As a gift giving holiday, it is a great idea for pubs to recognise Father figures and offer a special take-home gift. This year our very own Badger brand has supported nominated Business Partnerships pubs with a Father’s Day gift kit. The gift includes Limited Edition Tangle Foot bottle and a bespoke Tangle Foot glass. Find out more here.

Offer the perfect menu

Many pubs will offer their traditional Sunday roast; this is always a good seller and a safe bet. However, as Father’s Day falls in the summer, it is a great opportunity to serve food for guests to dine alfresco and maximise outdoor space (if the weather is on our side!). BBQ’s and Hog Roasts are a popular choice for outside catering; they create an informal atmosphere and work well alongside events and entertainment.

Create an occasion for the whole family

Father’s day brings families to pubs in abundance, many of which will be willing to spend a little extra for the special occasion. Pubs should consider running entertainment such as live music, a beer festival or a family fun day to set the atmosphere and encourage guests to spend longer at the pub.

Encourage bookings with promotions

Running Father’s Day promotions are a great way to entice guests to make a booking in advance. Put the spotlight on dad with a ‘Dad’s Eat Free’ or ‘Free pint for Dad’ promotion.

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