Celebrating the full return of the pubs we love, the campaign will help champion our Business Partner’s pubs – highlighting the link between pubs bringing people together to share great moments with friends, family and neighbours. Something we’ve all missed in the last year!


The campaign also calls on the Government to invest in Britain’s pubs and breweries through the reform of the unfair tax burden that the sector faces. Focusing on three taxes in particular, reform will enable sector growth, thus creating jobs, local investment and more connected communities. The campaign focuses on these three taxes:


  1. A permanent lower level of VAT for all food and beverages sold in pubs
  2. An overall reduction in Beer Duty
  3. Lower business rates for pubs equitable to other similar businesses


If you’d like to show your support for the campaign, you can do so by signing the petition at:


It only takes 2 minutes!

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