Make Mothers Feel Special

As a key date centered on mothers and mother figures, you should consider ways to put the spotlight on these guests to make them feel special. Offering a gift to all mothers such as flowers, a box of chocolates, or a glass of fizz will be a nice touch and add value to your guests’ experience. If you advertise your gift in advance, they can also be used to encourage pre-bookings prior to the big day.

Premium Pink Gin

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to up-sell on products, especially on your drinks menu.  Consider selecting one premium drink as a Mother’s Day special for your team to focus on and include this on your marketing channels, e.g blackboards, posters, website, and social media.  We recommend Pinkster Gin as the perfect Mother’s Day partner. Not only is it in keeping with the current gin trend, it is also a fitting premium product for any Mother’s day themed offer.

Pinkster Gin is an elegant, raspberry infused, premium produced near Cambridge. As one of the pioneers of pink gin, not only do they have great consumer feedback, their sales have also doubled year on year since they were established in 2013. Pinkster Gin is made with 5 botanicals before it gets the rosy tint from raspberries, which together creates a delicate, smooth and gentle profile.

Pinkster Gin is served perfectly with Fever-Tree tonic as a classic serve.  It is also a great base for gin cocktails if you would like to offer something a little more adventurous to your guests.

Pinkster and Fever-Tree Tonic

The perfect serve, say no more

  • 50ml Pinkster Gin
  • 200ml Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic

Build in an ice filled glass. Garnish with a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked fresh mint.

Mellow Yellow

Crazy fresh and easy drinking

  • 30ml Pinkster
  • 25ml Limoncello
  • 2 Basil leaves

Shake well, double strain intoa wine glass full of ice. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a sprig of fresh basil.

A Food Occasion

Having a consistently great menu is great for you loyal guests who can depend on you. However you may want to consider freshening up your menu with one-off specials and promotions to draw in new guests.

Sunday Lunch

Mother’s Day is typically a lunchtime occasion; it is likely that a large proportion of your Sunday pub-going guests will be seeking a quality roast. Add value to your roast and make it unique to your pub by sourcing local produce. In addition, make sure you are able to cater all guests, including children. Consider offering a smaller portion, perhaps to be sold at smaller price.

Embrace Brunch and Afternoon Tea

The rush is likely to be the early afternoon lunchtime slot so consider catering for food occasions throughout the day. Brunch and Afternoon Tea offers are a great incentive for guests to visit you in the morning or afternoon. It may also appeal to guests who are looking for a lighter food option.

Fun for the whole family

Mother’s Day is all about spending time with the family; therefore, it is important to consider guests of all ages to create a family-welcoming atmosphere. Providing simple colouring books and table games is a great way to keep the little ones entertained, whilst your older guests can enjoy a relaxed ambience. If you have children’s play area and good weather, make the most of it!

Prepare your Team for the Big Day

Whether you are holding an all-day event or special food/drink promotion, ensure all team members are briefed and willing to go the extra mile for your guests. Remember, your guests are going to expect extra special service on Mother’s Day! Below are some things you may wish to consider when planning and running your event:

  • Create a running order for the entire event, this will assist you with managing your team members and ensure you are organised throughout
  • Decide on layout & decorations. Consider lighting and background music
  • Create a system to manage reservations, you may wish to consider allocating sitting times to disperse your bookings
  • Ensure all team members are briefed on promotions and give service with a smile. Customer service speaks volumes about your business
  • Be sure to measure your success through attendance, sales and profit. This will allow you to make amendments for future events, as well as gain a better understanding of your audience
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