The Value of Transferable Skills

Paul ran a golf club previously and brought across many transferable skills, including knowledge of Human Resources and employment law, which Callum said is “something I would deeply encourage people to get an understanding of before embarking on the journey.” Callum had previously worked for a fast growing cafe bar group that really helped him to grow his career and gave him the opportunity to learn before taking on a venue of his own. Although neither Callum or Paul had run a pub before, they had some great skills to bring to their new roles, and at Hall & Woodhouse we are always on the look out for applicants with valuable experience from other careers and who show entrepreneurial flair. When asked about the challenges that they have typically faced in a ‘usual’ hospitality climate, Callum said that with “a super reliable Business Development Partner to support us that is one phone call away, we often do not face any more challenges than you would in any hospitality venture.”

What's the Best Thing About Running a Pub?

Pubs are the beating heart of our communities. Even during this turbulent year, the spirit, creativity and resilience shown by pubs across the country has continued to bring people together, provide support to those in greatest need, and bring cheer and humour to people’s lives.

Callum’s response to this question was “Customer feedback and achieving our goals of making everyone feel welcome and at home when they enter the pub…..the beauty of running a pub is everything from seeing 5* reviews to seeing your locals coming in to support you and asking how your partner is. That detail of a village caring and wanting to know and support you is just a fantastic feeling. It truly doesn’t take long to become the heart of the community, if you put yourself out there and remember that your business will only ever be as good as the passion and love you put into it.”

Beautifully put Callum, and we couldn’t agree more!

What Advice Would You Give to Prospective Business Partners?

Callum believes that a successful pub business comes from a love and passion for the pub and a desire to engage with the local community to develop ideas to grow the business. He highlights the benefits of knowing your guest base by saying “make sure you have a good understanding of your area and marketing, as it will only help you to save precious time, as well as being more effective in growing your business.”

Here at Hall & Woodhouse we pride ourselves on the level of support we offer to our Business Partners, and we consider every Partner and team member to be part of the H&W Family. Callum supported this by saying “The Brewery themselves, being a family orientated brewery, really do try and support every site and every Partner as best as they can, particularly given the circumstances. I have felt nothing but supported by the Brewery and they really do give you a great opportunity to get going.”

Finally we asked Callum, ‘What one thing would you credit for your continued success in what has been a strange and difficult year?’

“Building a team of like minded staff who are all part of a team and happy to support each other, carrying out numerous different roles which may cross boundaries, which ultimately is like a family. Customers can feel the happy and relaxed atmosphere, and our team are comfortable working hard but also having fun.”

Huge thanks to Callum and Paul for being fantastic Business Partners and for offering great words of advice from their own experience. We wish you and your team at the Chestnut Horse all the very best for the future.

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