Delivering a modern twist on our original Tangle Foot golden ale, Twice Tangled (5.2% ABV) is a delicious double hopped IPA, brewed with specially selected malt and twice the hops for satisfying depth and a fuller flavour. 

The Inspiration Behind the Beer


We have always been delighted with the success of the West Coast Style IPA, Wicked Wyvern, with its pronounced grapefruit notes, yet also deceptively drinkable for a hoppy beer with a pale malt base. This provided both inspiration and a challenge for Twice Tangled, to provide an IPA that was still that good but yet very different. How could we produce a Tangle Foot variant with modernity and appeal, in the same way Tangle Foot did when it was launched in the 1980s? Twice Tangled is the result of this challenge.

Tasting Notes


Twice Tangled is a moreish and malty IPA with hints of lemon in the hop character. The Crystal and Munich malts provide a subtle biscuit and lightly roasted notes with a hint of toffee. This gives the beer a rich auburn colour on which the generous use of Amarillo and Centennial hops give a more lemon like hop character from the Centennial, alongside more subtle grapefruit notes from the Amarillo.

A Successful Start


Our new double hopped IPA Twice Tangled has been listed in Waitrose nationally (270 stores) since June, and is currently selling at a rate of approximately 20 bottles per store per week.  This is higher in-store sales than Fursty Ferret, our number one product in the Off Trade!  Asda have plans to list Twice Tangled in over stores early in 2021, and Ocado have also agreed to list the beer.

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