Noble Queen

We’re delighted to introduce our brand new Limited Edition beer, ‘Noble Queen’.

This Jubilee special is part of the ‘Brewers Choice’ range of seasonal beers brewed exclusively for our pubs. Each beer takes its inspiration from either the person behind the beer, or the specially selected ingredients which go into each brew to give it a seasonal twist.

Following the launch of ‘From the Forager’ in 2020, ‘Selectors Gold’ and ‘Red Roaster’ in 2021, and ‘Hop Cross Bun’ at Easter 2022, this is the fifth beer in the series.

Tasting Notes

A beer fit for The Queen made with the finest British ingredients. A medium bodied beer, a rich deep brown colour. The Imperial, crystal and chocolate malts give toasted biscuit taste notes. The Sovereign and Endeavour hops provide a proud, yet dignified noble hop character on the nose.

This Extra Special Bitter is perfect for such a significant royal occasion!

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