Premiumisation continues to lead the total drinks market. According to recent CGA data, the total drinks market has a volume decline of -1% but a total value increase of 2.7%. The value increase in some sub categories is largely driven by cider which has a volume increase of 1.9% and a value increase of 4.0%

Category Drivers

Draught cider is a key driver in the cider category with 5.5% volume uplift compared to a 7.2% decline in packaged. Although packaged cider is seeing a difficult time, offering premium packaged ciders to your guests will allow you to stock a wider variety of styles and flavours.

Fruit cider has shown the biggest growth in the cider category with a 35.7% draught uplift; this is driven by consumers seeking sweeter and more refreshing flavours.

Although fruit cider is in growth and apple cider is in decline, the core apple flavour must not be overlooked. Apple cider still dominates the market with 60% market share, particularly driven by premium products.

Product Ranging

Product ranging is important to give variety to your guests. The diversification of ciders available in apple, cloudy, hazy and fruit ciders broadens the appeal to a larger guest base and can be used to recruit new cider drinkers.

The innovation of sweet flavoured cider has helped appeal to younger men and women, who will now expect to see a range of fruit ciders listed in your pub. It is also important to keep a core range of apple ciders to satisfy your traditional cider drinkers.

Weston’s Rosie’s Pig

Rosie’s Pig – New Look and Taste

Rosie’s Pig is a refreshing cloudy cider. Blended by Westons’ 5th Generation Cider Maker, Guy Laurence, Rosie’s Pig now has an even more refreshing apple taste and a lower ABV; the strength of the cider has moved from 4.8% ABV to 4.2%.

Named after one of Westons’ early delivery trucks which was reputedly “a pig of a thing to start and a pig of a thing to drive’

Rosie’s Pig – Flavoured Range

The Rosie’s Pig flavoured range has also been given a new look, giving it a more unified appearance. All recipes and ABV’s within the flavoured range will remain the same; however there have been some tweaks to the product names to make the individual flavours clearer for guests. For example, Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre will become Rosie’s Pig with Rhubarb, and Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller will become Rosie’s Pig with Raspberry.

Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry

With flavoured ciders continuing to rise, Old Mout is seeking further growth in the exotic flavour cider category with the new addition of Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry in their packaged range. The new flavour is set to appeal to a younger generation looking for sessionable fruit ciders with original unique flavours.

Pineapple is a growing flavour in the UK and has overtaken avocado as the UK’s fastest selling fruit. Combining the exotic flavour of pineapple with a loved berry is a recipe for success.

Bulmers Orchard Pioneers - New Look

About the brand

Two pioneering British apple growers are collaborating with Bulmers to launch a new range of Premium Apple Ciders bringing a fresh take on taste, from sweet to dry, in new easy drinking formats.

Orchard Pioneers Green Apple Cider (5.0% ABV) – The taste of green apple with crunchy sweetness.

Orchard Pioneers Red Apple Cider (5.0% ABV) – The bittersweet taste from Herefordshire red apple.

*New 330ml format*

Both flavours of Bulmers Orchard Pioneers have undergone a rebrand and will be changing from a 500ml bottle to a 330ml bottle. This new format does not demand to be poured out and can be drunk straight from the bottle, making it a simpler serve. The smaller bottle also has the benefit of remaining cold and refreshing whilst drinking it – ideal for the summer months.

Thatchers Rosé

Using a blend of naturally sweet, rosy-red dessert apples, including Pink Lady, Fuji and Gala, Thatchers Rosé is a deliciously sparkling Somerset Cider bursting with fruity apple flavour.

The liquid is rose in colour and has a sweet and refreshing taste profile with a lower ABV of 4.0%. The new addition to the Thatcher’s Family is set to appeal to the same market as fruit cider drinker, whilst remaining as a core apple cider.

The initial consumer feedback has also been promising:

  • Refreshing, sweet, light – ideal for summer
  • Design is upmarket & premium
  • 91% enjoyed the Rosé and would it drink again
  • 93% agreed it would be popular for females and 28% popular for male drinkers
  • 7% felt it was too sweet for them

Running a (Beer &) Cider Festival

riggering more friends and family occasions though events is a key growth driver to maximise sales of cider. Cider Festivals are a great way of offering guests the opportunity to taste a variety of different ciders and to recruit new guests to your pubs. It also allows you to raise awareness of your pub in the local area.

In addition, past experiences have indicated that a well organised beer & cider festival can take the same turnover in a weekend then the pub would normally take in a week. So imagine what you could do on a bank holiday weekend.

There are a few things you will need to consider when planning your festival:

  • Understand the planning process. You will need to plan your event at least 6 weeks in advance in order to choose your beers and ciders, place your order, and market to your guests.
  • Consider the length of the festival, size of your pub and how many guests you expect to attend. Offer a range of AVB’s, colours, styles and flavours in addition to your standard range
  • Ensure you are up to date with current legislation and your licences are in check. You may need to apply for a temporary events notice which needs to be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to the event.
  • Ensure you are prepared with the correct equipment and training to keep beer and cider in quality condition
  • Consider the pricing of your ciders and guest entry free
  • Check equipment and glassware quantities
  • Consider additional event entertainment and marketing strategy – both online and offline
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