Business Partner priorities

In the ‘information and advice to grow category’, we scored 8.4 out of 10. Throughout 2021, to support and train our Business Partners we’ve already scheduled webinars in this area, along with covering other topics that will help raise awareness and drive revenue.

In 2020, we saw a real increase in the significance placed upon coffee and hot beverage provisions. Whilst it’s still one of the lowest priorities of those measured, the upsurge in importance more than doubled and we expect this upward trend to continue. When guests couldn’t mix in their homes, they took to the pub, with many seeking refuge along with a hot drink (and cake on occasion!). We also saw the term ‘work from the pub’ coined.  In support of this trend, we’ve already been working on improving and widening equipment and training for hot drink provisions with our Business Partners.

Our online platforms

We appreciate that all companies have room to improve and in 2019, the result for our ‘recruitment/support website’ highlighted that this was an area that needed extra attention. In our case, this category covers two websites; the recruitment site being our shop window for potential Business Partners and then the support platform for existing Business Partners. In response to the rating from the previous survey, we worked really hard throughout 2020 to improve these two websites. These efforts have paid off and now our Business Partners are happier, demonstrated by a whopping 6.8 increase in our score.

Covid-19 support

Support for Covid-19 didn’t just stop at the financial help we were able to offer our Business Partners. Beyond rent relief and the pausing of loans, we also provided information and guidance on a number of aspects ranging from legislation and safe operating procedures to government support applications. . We proactively provided timely and relevant information and through a secure communication platform our Business Partners are also able to interact with each other, sharing updates that they’ve experienced first-hand. The average pub company rating was 8.0 and we’re delighted to have received a rating of 9.6.

We’ll be continuing to support our Business Partners as much as we can until they are able to recommence full trading. We’re looking to help Business Partners on a number of initiatives from enhancing outdoor space to ensuring guests still enjoy a friendly atmosphere in a socially distanced environment.

Business Partners across all breweries were also asked how confident they feel that should their business be negatively affectively by Coronavirus in the future that they’d be supported. We received a standout rating of 71% feeling ‘very confident’. Our closest competitor received a 49% rating, with the survey average at 31%.We firmly believe in supporting our Business Partners through the good and bad times, which is why a number of our Business Partners have run their pubs with us for in excess of 20 years, often only leaving for retirement!

Knowledge and training

Many of our new Business Partners haven’t run a pub before. From General Managers and Chefs with some hospitality experience, to complete career changers, we favour Partners with an entrepreneurial spirit and a shared passion for making peoples’ day. We know with our wealth of knowledge and training materials, we can support Business Partners across all experience levels. We’re pleased to report we’ve improved in the last year in all four of the training categories. In fact we rank amongst the highest overall for training and place second for both ‘information to help grow sales’ and ‘knowledge of business needs’.


Given that most Business Partners need to purchase drinks from their brewery, it’s imperative that this process is done right.

We’re pleased to say we scored 9.2 in this category. In 2020, the year of change, we continued to react swiftly to the requirements of Business Partners; with the need to cancel, amend or create orders at very short notice catered for. We widely communicated stock return options and were as flexible as possible with Partners while they faced unpredictable times.

Recommendation of pub company

The proof is in the pudding and it’s a joy to know that the vast majority of our Business Partners would recommend us. The survey average was 7.2.

Net promotor score

A ‘promotor’ is passionately positive about their pub company, whereas a detractor has a negative view of their pub company. We received the top result in this category of 90%, with 0% having a negative view of Hall & Woodhouse.

Future outlook

Whilst 2021 is continuing to be an unpredictable time, we scored in the top three for Business Partners feeling optimistic about the future. Despite there being no fixed opening date for pubs, our Partners feel confident that they’re in the best possible hands. We’re continuing to be adaptable and supportive, taking learnings and improving everything that we can. We haven’t been around for this long by resting on our laurels, we’re using the time to build upon existing frameworks and we’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as we’re able to safely reopen. We know that this too, shall pass.

If you’re interested in becoming a Hall & Woodhouse Business Partner, you can find out more here –

Survey responses take place by telephone with the named tenant/licensee of each pub. Interviews are conducted from a database of all available / relevant sites within each pub company’s estate. Sample sizes are determined as a ratio of outlet share. Surveys took place between November 2020 and January 2021.
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