How much does a pub cost to buy?

Buying a property will cost considerably more than if you were running and maintaining one. The costs of running your own pub will vary greatly depending on whether you take a freehold or tenancy agreement, or you opt for a management role; and it’s always worth considering the size and location of the pub. Overall, you will need to consider the on-going costs of rent, operation expenses including salaries, bills etc, and business development.

Do you need training or experience to run your own pub?

While there are certain qualifications we need our Business Partners to complete, strictly speaking we just want to work with potential publicans who have the ambition and drive to operate a successful business. One of the benefits of running your own pub with Hall & Woodhouse is the on-going support, training and guidance you receive from us and your dedicated Business Development Partner.

What steps can you take to run your own pub?

First, we’d really recommend taking a quick look at our top five things to consider before you run a pub. Our helpful article breaks down the key factors you should think about before taking the leap. If you’re on board, and are ready to build a successful business with us then we’d love to have you. Why not take a look at our application for pubs to rent, or get in touch with Julie from our BP Marketing team at who’ll be happy to help.

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