How do I become a pub landlord?

Firstly, it’s worth doing a little bit of research; we recommend taking a look at our top five things to consider before running a pub to help decide if you’re ready to become a pub landlord. You’ll discover that there are a few different ways you can run your own pub with Hall & Woodhouse, and while you’ll need an upfront investment, becoming one of our Business Partners is an effective and low-cost way to become a pub landlord. When you choose to rent a property from us, we’ll help you train, develop and hit the ground running with your new business.

Where can I find pub landlord jobs?

Our listings of pubs to rent can be filtered by region or by accommodation to make finding a pub to run even easier. It’s worth remembering that even if you can’t find a property that’s suitable for you just yet, you’re still welcome to submit an application. Provided it’s successful, we’ll add you to our talent bank and make sure you’re the first to hear of any new opportunities. You can also sign up to our mailing list for the most up to date vacancies.

Ready to become a pub landlord?

We’re thrilled that you’ve taken the time to learn about working with Hall & Woodhouse and if something caught your eye on our list of pubs to rent, then it’s time to get in touch. 

Our rundown of the application process of running a pub with us will help you understand the next steps you can take to become a pub landlord. 

If you have any questions or would just like to chat things through, feel free to get in touch with Julie from our BP Marketing team at or on 07971 161071.

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